Rain Rain…

The first drops of heavenly nectar fall freely from the dark grey clouds leaving the soil wet, the trees green, the air fresh with the natural fragrance and the breeze cool. The farmers rejoice at last and the plough is employed, the bulls thrust through the wet earth. Sadly, now the mangoes will disappear There is a new freshness and enthusiasm in the atmosphere.


But in a city like Mumbai, rains mean a lot of problems, they become an easy excuse for absolutely anything. Rains are the reason for people to be impunctual, reason for not doing homework (no electricity :D), easy reason for missing your school/college/office, reason to curse the government for not doing their job of keeping the city clean, reason for kids to play, reason for a garam garam chai or a plate of bhaji, reason to be dreamy, reason for traffic jams and for trains to be late.




Rains are generally associated with hoards of problems. Hardly will you find people enjoying the cool breeze and the rains in Mumbai. Hardly will any be seen just standing in the rain instead of running for shelter, many will be seen with screwed up faces. Rains are always blamed for something or other: not starting on time, for being early than expected, for it rained less than expected or more than expected.



But neither the less the rains are always welcomed after the dry hot summers. And in a country like India, monsoons are like spring, where the entire world is painted green as in a dream and even if most people will have problems with it…it is still the most beautiful season of India.




And heads-up, be ready to read a lot of “Rainy season” posts from me. It it by far my most favourite season and this beautiful weather inspires me to no end.


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20 thoughts on “Rain Rain…

  1. Beautiful picture and post , I love rains , I read all your posts and u have a beautiful blog no doubt you will have big fan following soon , thank you for following and keep writing and filling my appetite . Wonderful

  2. Right you are Ashwini…..rain has it’s own romanticism inspite of the difficulties one has to go through due to it……in any city, rains bring respite and troubles hand in hand…..and still, life goes on ……

  3. I welcome the rain here..Yes, the streets flood and my ceilings( sometimes) leaks and the electric is want to go but it is why everything is lush and green, it cools it down and I love just walking in the rain ..crazy I know but we should all dance in the rain sometimes 🙂

    1. I know..me too. There are a few things that cause a nuisance at times. But it’s not the rains that are responsible for those. It’s poor management on our part.

      So yes..in spite of the “problems” I absolutely love to walk in the rain, watch it from my window, go on a trek, or just sit home reading a book.

      There’s a certain enthusiasm in the air that makes you want to go out and at the same time make you wanna stay back home. You get what I mean…? 🙂

  4. Agree with your views Teacher. Metropolitan cities shoo them away with annoying face. I still remember the days the rains washed away the boredom and brought a sense of freshness and newness….but gone are those days

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