Idiot Box

Today it’s Netflix, Hotstar, and Prime, of what TV was when I was a kid.

I remember rushing home from school to catch an episode of Mowgli or Son Pari or Pokemon before we were off to play. The craze had yet to grip us fully. We still played as every 90s kid played. But the world of TV was a fascination. As we grew up, we slowly moved from Cartoon Network and Pogo to V Channel, MTv, and were totally engrossed in tons of hindi/marathi serials that played on tv; singing the tittle tracks, role playing. The break-time in between our outdoor games were spent discussing the plots and characters. We didn’t noticed when this “reel world” became a real one for us.


It hasn’t changed much. I still run home from office to watch something or woke up early to catch the latest episodes of GOT – the last season was…well, yeah anyway – My point is, we all are still quite glued to these idiot boxes, even while shitting!

Some times the only conversation that I have with my friends is about the shows that we watch. Its fun, don’t get me wrong, and plus these shows are real good ice-breakers or conversation starters…but sometimes I feel we are too much involved in them.


Anyway sharing with you guys a poem that I composed back in 2013 when TV still kind of ruled the entertainment world…


Idiot Box

That idiot box broke down one day

It made the family talk with each other

in a different way

He taunted that silence was

peaceful to his ears

She complained about the stupid

music the girls would hear

Grandpa thought about the serials

he was going to miss

But was happy to see the family

quarrelling in a strange bliss

He said the girls never had time to talk

She said, everyone but she

watched the tv round the clock

The girls laughed and cracked lame jokes

Many wild and crazy ideas they spoke

But suddenly the static came to life

And all of them were once again swept away in its stride…


Do you have any favourite series from the 90s that you loved to watch? Or any such memories? Share your stories in the comments…Let’s do this for old times sake! Cheers!



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17 thoughts on “Idiot Box

  1. You tell ’em exactly like it is, sister.

    In America things gave gotten so fake that an awful lot of young people’s lives happen at our huge indoor shopping malls — people meet there, go on dates there, much of pur crime happens there and in the parking lots around them — perpetually patrolled by private police who won’t so much as let you take an old cardboard box off the property if you need to move your household.

    People here have forgotten what a flock of birds looks like, but they’re not looking at the sky anyway. They’re not looking at each other, either. Even in the middle of a conversation, they’re still checking their screen.

    1. I know what you mean. Big cities in India are the same. Thankfully the life in suburbs and villages is still in touch with nature and other humans and animals. But can’t see that sticking for long.
      Let’s hope that somehow we will go back those outdoor games and camping…I know I miss it (but that’s because the days just blend into each other with the load of office work and other duties). Phewww…adulting I tell you! 🙂

      1. I do think our direction of evolution must be to lift ourselves from this self-inflicted unloving and disconnected complexity into the pleasing synthesis of fully individuated harmony — not tribal, not solo — all truly universes unto ourselves but flying together, in the only directionnthat makes sense for us all. Big hug to you, my dear

        1. How true. I think in the end that’s what all the philosophies try to profess. There are so many Indian philosophical thought processes which believe that the ultimate aim of every individual (atma) is to be one in mind, body and soul with the universe (parmatma).

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