"Its all relative"

I Left my heart behind

To Travel is to Live!

I’m just back from a trip that took me to some of the places on my travel bucket list. All of it still feels like a dream. I’m too overwhelmed to express anything in words, but here’s a little something about the trip that tugged at my heart…


I left my heart behind

Amidst the waves that softly lapped at the shore

Where the winds tugged at moored sails to explore more


I left my heart behind

In some coffee shops on that cobbled street

Where a stolen glance made two strangers meet


I left my heart behind

On the walls decorated with graffiti

Where millions of “Romeo-Juliet” hid their love stories in red-pink confetti


I left my heart behind

In those cosy by-lanes

Where we made new friends whilst admiring the rosy window panes


I left my heart behind

In the cold breeze that laced the coastline

Where life stories were shared over a few glasses of wine


I left my heart behind

In the food and drink that we shared

Where our worries were smoked off in the air


I left my heart behind

Like those lipstick stains on coffee mugs

I left my heart behind

When at the airport we shared our goodbye hugs…



Such awesome memories. I truly had a time of my life 🙂 Stay tuned for a detailed travel blog. Hopefully will be able to put all the wonderful experiences in it.

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