Republic India Coinage: A story in metal

India’s financial evolution is as intriguing as her glorious past! Starting from the ancient Punch Marked Coins to the current facade of the Ashokan Lion capital (National Emblem), Indian currency has undergone great changes in its designs and metals. But interestingly, the terms Rupiya and Paisa, have survived the changing kings and their titles. They have stuck through the ages and led to the official terminology of the modern Indian Currency. In this blog let’s explore the story of the Republic India Coinage!

Source: Republic India Coinage: A story in metal

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20 thoughts on “Republic India Coinage: A story in metal

  1. great article, well researched as always! I dunno about others but I had never checked on the etymology of Rupiya

    1. There are many such facts that will blow of our minds. In fact abhi I’m gearing to write a full fledged blog on India’s monetary transformation from Barter to E-commerce.
      Most of it is ready, just have a move a few commas here n there… 😛

      1. that’s wonderful and I wait anxiously, do take your time with commas though..misplaced commas could result in economic depression.

          1. Ah grammar Nazi .. there is always something new I get to know about Ashwini after every post 🙂 do you see dots? 😀

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