They say ‘When the time’s right, things will work out. Trust the timing of your life.’ But what if life has it all wrong? What if what was actually meant to be will now never be because the clock struck off wrong or the stars didn’t align properly? Does timing and fate really matter?

On nights like this
When a beautiful moon decorates the skies
And a light breeze ruffles the leaves
I miss you

When the empty streets glow with dim lights
And a soulful song plays on the radio
I miss you

When a lone cat purrs in an alley
And a low hoot of an owl calls another
I miss you

It’s on endless nights like this
When I’m missing you,
That I realise
was our problem
The only reason we could never be
Even if I loved you and you loved me…


The moments were perfect, the love painfully real. Our eyes met, and our souls recognised each other. He never asked, I never said yes…yet for almost a decade we stuck together. But does timing and fate really matter?

I guess it does.

And hence we finally surrender….


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13 thoughts on “Timing

  1. sometimes life is sad and beyond our control, but time doesn’t stop, there must be hope somewhere waiting to be found, waiting to ask, waiting for you to say yes.

    1. Yes indeed. Hope is all we have. In Hindi we have a saying which goes “ashe pe hi to duniya kayam hai”. Roughly translated it means “hope is what makes the earth go round”

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