Super Snow Moon 2019

I’m such a “Wow! Look at the moon” person. I’m totally engrossed by its presence in the night skies. I have a habit to look up and search for this beauty every time I step out. Living amidst the urban jungle, it gets difficult to spot him on some nights. But whenever I find him peeping from behind the buildings, I’m filled with fascination and awe…Illuminant and beautiful in all of its glory!

Watching the Super Snow Moon of yesterday was a different experience altogether. For starters, me and my family we headed south of Mumbai, near the famous Gateway of India, to view the moon. Then he rode alongside us all the way back home. And later, the cool and beautiful moonlight streamed through our windows the whole night.

I was too mesmerised to sleep and spent a good part of the night staring out from my window until the dreamy night lulled me to sleep.

But my date with the moon was not over yet. As I opened my eyes this morning, he was right there outside my window, peeping from behind the mountain as I rushed around getting ready for work. There’s just so much energy, power, and beauty in the moon that it stirs up and amplifies our emotions.

By the way, have you ever looked up at the moon and seen a rabbit or a hare? For some reason, I see something that resembles a Mickey-Mouse walking! Or perhaps Bugs Bunny – which is a rabbit per se but not the conventional one that the rest see…

Well, did you know there are many legends around the world about this rabbit that lives on the moon? Read them here:

Deer? Rabbit? What do you see on the Moon?


Also, have you ever realised that most of our Indian festivals correspond to various phases of the moon? Their connection with the moon is often related to various scientific reasonings and health benefits. Read my guest blog on the importance of Kojagiri Pornima here.

Yesterday was a surreal night. But my romance with the moon has left me feeling extremely sleepy all through the day today…uff! The “magic” has worn off now. But “Super” or not, I’ll continue to search the skies for him and sure enough, the moon too will be there playing hide n sneak with me, as always…


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