Courage of Desire

How beautiful it feels to be in love. Especially when you experience such feelings for the very first time. Its actually like a scene out of a movie. Everything seems just perfect.

Sharing with you my first brushes of “love”, a poem that I composed for “him” back in 2008. Here’s to those “young” and “in love”!

Courage of Desire


My heart skips a beat

jumping higher than its usual seat

tongue tied I’m rooted on the spot

searching for words I know not

having the courage of desire, my hopes are high

but you say something, I’m really very shy

Your glances at me makes the air warmer

Affectionate stares put me into the limelight

while still standing in a corner

I wander around

hoping to cross your way

As a smile from you

really makes my day

Your feelings for me are quite transparent

the desire to express them also very apparent

have courage my love, just say what you feel

but alas,

this is real life

much unlike the reel….


Now when I’m reading it again, I think that this has a certain “maturity” in it. At least I understood real life was not as easy as the movies. Any who…Did you guys notice, the title of this poem eventually ended up as my site’s tagline!

It’s all about having the “courage of desire”

I think it takes huge amount of courage to express your heart’s true and deepest desires. And  after all, that’s what our lives are all about…

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps. Cheers to being in love!


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