Bottomless Abyss

When you have friends that match your weirdness and eccentricities, random poetry challenges are born.

This poem was composed as a response to a friend’s “brainwave”. So the challenge was to compose a poem starting with “you tell me that I’m hopeless” and end it with “how much I liked to breathe”.

Here’s what my “brainwave” conceived! 

You tell me that I’m hopeless…
But to me, life hasn’t been fair yet
I have tried to smile,
Baring the burnt roads
I have walked thousands of miles
Surviving places so dark
Where death slowly sinks its teeth
I have welcomed the – bottomless abyss
Before I finally remembered
how much I liked to breathe…
-Ashwini Nawathe
PS: The poem turned out to be surprisingly good, didn’t it!


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