How are your resolutions shaping up?

Each year around the New Years Eve we all get extremely creative and ambitious about our New Year’s resolutions. There’s a great deal of magical thinking that goes around. Some of our resolution lists run longer than our shopping lists.

Chances are – more often than not – that you’ve made a New Year’s resolution and then broken it. The adrenaline rushes wears off in the first few months and we are back to our lazy self with more plans than will power and time to execute them.

So this year I have thought of regularly reminding myself and my friends of our resolutions. So technically this is yet another resolution made to keep a check on my other resolutions. Twisted right? Uff…


We are 5 days into February now. So, tell me? Are you still keeping up with your resolutions?

Here’s my progress so far:

  1. Lose weight: Umm…working towards it. Yet to reach my goal.
  2. Make exercise a habit: Thankfully, I’m following this one. Not as much as I should actually, but something is better than nothing. Hopefully will be able to squeeze in some more time.
  3. Solo Trip: No progress on this front. 🙁
  4. Blog Regularly: This I really need to do! My current work schedule is too messed up to allow me to sit down and write. I really need to sort out my day.
  5. Get drunk: Hahaha…no comments. A resolution which I was considering as “Null and Void”. Well, such stories and how! 🙂
  6. Travel: Since January I haven’t been anywhere except for Pune. But I do have concrete plans for travelling. So I’m happy.


For those who are fulfilling their resolutions: Kudos to you. For those who are still struggling: hang in there, you can and you will do it this year!


If you run out of steam midway, don’t worry. Start over again! Recommit yourself for 21 days at least, you will be back on track after that. Experts say it takes about 21 days to catch a habit and six months for it to become part of your personality.

You know what works best for you. So be patient, it will happen!

Talk to your friends about it. Make sure you support, encourage and motivate each other. That’s what I’m trying to do. Such things work as perfect reminders of our goals and who are kidding we regularly require reminders.

However, at the end, it is important that you are incorporating healthy behaviour into your everyday life. Don’t abandon our resolve and settle back into our old patterns just yet. Push through it.

So, How are faring on your New Year’s goals?

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