Inspirations are hard to find. There are very few numbers of people, incidences and things that inspire us to the point of action and implementation. 
When we find such driving forces in life we are pushed out of our comfort zones to pursue the many hidden eccentricities of our heart. It can be anything as simple as taking up a new hobby, learning a language, travelling or a pursuit as complex as redefining our self or breaking out of social stereotypes.
But can a necessity do the needful? What if necessity inspires you to pursue a long denied privilege?
Here’s yet another dose of my random musings: A micro tale of necessity’s triumph over gender prejudices.


“Ma, what happens of the grey clouds after it rains?”
“Ma, what’s written here?”
“Ma, how many stars are there in the sky?”
For answering her daughter’s countless questions she finally started educating herself!

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34 thoughts on “Inspiration

    1. Hey Christian, Thank you dear!! I’m happy that you liked it…Of course, you can share it on your blog and social media pages with adequate credits 🙂
      Happy blogging to you and keep visiting 🙂

  1. Hello i just read your beautiful piece and i have been a blogger since yesterday recently shared my first article. Ashwini seeing that you have such amazing work ,i would like to know how do you stay inspired with every new post

    1. Hey, welcome to this world of blogging. I find inspirations in everyday day stuff. A beautiful sunrise, or rush on the trains, typically boring work hours or lazy Sundays. Anything and everything that matters under the sun.
      The key is to just write whatever that you feel. 🙂
      Best of luck for your journey. Happy blogging and keep visiting! 🙂

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