Happy 3 years of Blogging to me!

It’s 3 YEARS already! 🙂 🙂
So WordPress reminded me that I have been blogging for 3 whole years now! I can’t believe that. The journey has been amazing and there’s definitely an improvement in my writing style, or I would like to think so 😛

As a birthday gift to myself, I have recently shifted to a self-hosted website in October! While the site’s interface, URL and other technical things have changed, it’s still the crazy old me you’re reading under the same domain name: Kaleidoscope of My Life.
It feels good to see the blog grow because of the love you guys show to my write-ups and poems. I hope you will continue to do so. This journey would have been incomplete without your support. A big Thank You to all of you out there…

On my third blogging anniversary, sharing with you some of my favourite posts.

My first post: German Emergency Money talks about the wartime currencies of Germany.

Just a Name a poem touching the tender side of love.

Nothing Remains Then, yet another poem very close to my heart.

The world is still an apprentice

Religion or Farce?

Be a Star

The Boat


Drifting Clouds


These are just a few, I have a bigger list. Do you have any of your favourites? Comment away and tell me yours…


PS: Also, any tips or suggestions on improving and handling the new self-hosted WordPress.org site are welcome.


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32 thoughts on “Happy 3 years of Blogging to me!

  1. At the exit gate of life, waiting for it to open, anytime without notice, I write with reduced frequency only to let those who care know that I’m still alive. Hope to continue till last quarter of this year, when I’ll be 80, unless end comes earlier
    Keep writing as long as you enjoy it. Very few read but that does not matter.

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