मै शायर तो नाही #4

ALMOST, it’s probably the saddest and the most incomplete word in the English language. It comes with a sense of some easily avoidable loss. Like the feeling you get when you miss a train by just a few seconds; you almost boarded it! Or when the last piece of chocolate that you have been saving turns bad; you almost ate it yesterday! Or when playing basketball, your ball bounces off the basket ring; you almost scored!

It’s a word which brings a lot of near misses. Have you ever had an “almost” in your life? A dream job that you almost landed. An exercise regime that you almost successfully followed. Or perhaps a person with whom you “almost” had a chance at having it all…

Here’s an “almost love” hindi shayari

तेरी आँखोंमे कुछ खो गए हम ऐसे
के खुदको फिर कभी मिल सके ही नहीं
ये कदम तेरी और कुछ बड़े इस तरह
के मंज़िल तक कभी पोहोच सके ही नहीं
यु ही मुसाफिर की तरह भटकते रहना है अब
हर निगाहो मे तेरी झलक पाना है अब…

-अश्विनी नवाथे

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