Love is many things. It’s the thin line that separates black from white and sometimes the seconds pause in the yes and the no. It’s the answer to all the questions and sometimes the cause of a millions of them. It’s the comfort in the thundering storms and at the same time a whirlpool of crazy emotions. Love is the hope of seeking something more; a possibility, a dream…a maybe!

an extra hour a day
will give you time
to come my way

or after a day’s long work
meeting and friends
maybe you will
think of me as the day ends

or maybe
a thousand things a day
you would miss
just to be with me
and give a me a hundred kiss

or maybe at night
when you close your eyes
a single thought of me
through your mind flies

then at least in your dreams
you will think of me
and maybe someday
you will live just for me…

© 2018 Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life

All Rights Reserved

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