Falling in love is easy, but falling out of it is next to impossible. I don’t think you do really fall out of love with someone. You just get used to their absence. But somewhere in the deep recesses of your heart you still do foster the ruins of the love that once was….


मनाच्या कोपऱ्यात
अजूनही वाहतो आठवणींचा झरा
अजूनही पडतो आसवांचा फुलांचा सडा
अजूनही उडतात आशेचे पक्षी
अजूनही गुंफतात स्वप्नांच्या सुंदर नक्षी
अजूनही माझ्या ओंजळीतून हसतात तारे
अजूनही तुझ्या आठवाने सळसळतात पाने
मनाच्या कोपऱ्यात अजूनही जपते मी ते ठिसूळलेलं जोतं
आणि अदृष्याने जोडलेल तुझं माझं नातं…

– अश्विनी नवाथे

Have you experienced something a love like that?


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8 thoughts on “अजूनही…

  1. Really true .it’s very difficult to come out of love once we fall into it.
    N after that when we try to forgot all the bad thoughts which comes when we can’t express it we usually fail to to do.
    Because love is something which comes from inside us. N if we r using the word “Love” for it . It’s really not possible

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