Moments #writephoto

The Photo Prompt by Sue for this week is so enchanting. The sky seems to shine with all the beautiful colours after the sunset. The moment that follows the sunset is so magically. It holds so many things in it…endings, beginnings, transformations and the pure magic of colours that are splashed on the horizon faraway.  Thanks Sue for such a beautiful click. Here’s my take on it 🙂


There’s beauty in the moments

Those follow the perfect endings

Ever seen a lone feather float away

After it gets left behind by its wings?


There’s beauty in the moments

Those make you lonely after a meet

Ever felt the rush when the waves

Slip from under your feet?


There’s beauty in the moments

Those come just before the start of night

Ever seen the sky after the sunset

When it seems to hold all the light?


There’s beauty in the moments

Those come after the sweet pains

Ever felt the air thick with

Aromas left behind by the rains?


There’s beauty in every moment

Just don’t notice it too late

Even the leftover colours create rainbows

When an artist washes them off his palette….


© 2018 Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life
All Rights Reserved

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