“How come you stand by the door these days?”
“Now I’m confident that I won’t jump from a running train…”
Ever had such mad urge to end your life? Don’t Worry…You are not alone.
Suicidal thoughts are more common than you thought. They are experienced by many people when they are undergoing stress or experiencing depression. In most cases, these are temporary and can be treated, but in some, they place the individual at risk for attempting or committing suicide.
Suicidal thoughts are not easy to deal with and they are persistently troubling when you are suffering from depression. The situation may sometimes seem overwhelming and leave you devastated but there’s always hope.
If anyone is having such thoughts please Do not succumb to the pain and seek help. If some one you know is having these thoughts, please take measures to help and protect them.
A random act/word of kindness can do wonders here…After all, we are all looking for some assurances 🙂
Take Care Fellas!

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23 thoughts on “Assurance

  1. Just this morning I found a tweet which talked about many women getting suicidal thoughts during menstrual cycle. It mentioned that it has been recorded as a result of hormonal changes. It also talked about how social media algorithm can make suicides very easy. If you want I will share that tweet with you. It was tweeted by a lady who experienced it first hand.

        1. Oh.. seems to be an issue. I had never heard of it.
          N what’s with Quora!!! Least painful way to die… I mean what’s with that!! I can’t believe that there are such questions asked and even answered. What has the society come to!!

            1. I typed, Google showed me how to “loose weight”, “get pregnant” and “to kiss” Hahahahaha….absolutely hilarious!
              But if google is coming up with ways to end life or commit suicide, then its a very serious issue. :/

  2. “You are not alone…..Suicidal thoughts are more common than you thought.” True. I think every person thinks of it at least once. But why does everyone think it is wrong. If no trauma is caused, no one put in a predicament, why not end an existence when all went well, but future can only mean pain/suffering/grief and nothing else. I’m all for assisted death and euthanasia.

  3. Good post . . .if you think suicide is bad and should be prevented. But why? The only factors stopping it sometimes are: 1. it needs courage, 2. It is painful 3. It may cause trauma to others – emotional, financial or some other. Often it is the best solution.

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