Monday Musings: Awkward Pauses

Don’t you just hate uncomfortable silences? Like the moment when you are just speechless…absolutely at loss of words!! You are making small conversations and suddenly you are rendered speechless. You think of one thing and before you could get it out in words, something else pops up in your mind and then the whole balance of your universe is disturbed. In spite of having the talent of chattering continuously for hours together, you are left speechless at that very moment.
Tons of thoughts cross your mind, many ideas, each one more stupid than the first. You stand blank with a moronic expression on your face.
You know you are expected to react, to say something cool, impress the person you are making conversation with…But you just stand there with an open mouth. It feels like an eternity has passed but it’s just a seconds pause. Long and awkward at it, yes..but it’s just for a few seconds.
Then starts your desperate (and sometimes even hilarious) attempts to cover up that awkward silence.
You smile trying to mask your lack of words, fake a cough or a sneeze. You also transfer your weight from one leg to another in a desperate attempt of having to do something. You fiddle with your hair, your clothes, anything and everything you can lay your hands on.
You search the skies for words, just any simple words. But words fail you. So you try making random sounds like “err” or “umm” to give you a split of a second to think, to come up with something.
And then….after what feels like an eternity you finally manage you get a few sensible words out.
Such episodes last for a second or two at the most. But they make you question your intelligence, your common sense, your very ability to talk, to make simple conversations. They also make you doubt your mental stability. Though such awkward pauses last only for a few seconds, they feel like they have lasted for eons…..
Have you ever had any of such uncomfortable silences??
Well haha..stupid question. The answer is obviously Yes. Shouldn’t have asked….ummm…well…yeah..ok.
Happy Friday! ohh wait..eerr sorry it’s Monday! 😛

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13 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Awkward Pauses

  1. Many a times actually.
    But I read a quote somewhere once.
    ‘You can be comfortable with someone in a conversation, but when you are comfortable with someone in silence , then only you are connected deeply. ‘ ☺️

  2. Hahahahaha! Loved the last pun! 😀
    I have had my fair share of awkward silences but that’s usually restricted to the initial few meetings. Then onwards, the silence become comfortable 🙂

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