Turning Pages

Each day is a new leaf in your life’s book. A new start to make right the mistakes of yesterday, to amend your ways, a chance at something bigger and better. A chance to rewrite your lost yesterday today.
But the most difficult decision to make is whether to let go or try harder. Because sometimes even when you are turning pages you still have a memory of the last few ones. One paragraph, one line or just one word that you like, that you fell in love with. And no matter how much you try those words keep coming again and again in the next pages, in a different context may be, but yes they appear and make you re-visit the previous chapters of your life, the choices that you made, the things you did. Creating chaos.
And one day when you are old and sitting in an arm chair thinking about your story, you will remember all those “beloved” chapters of your life and you will smile knowingly. Because you would then understand that those chapters that you thought were lost to you are the chapters that you still remember and cherish. And the hope of reading them again in some near future encouraged you to continue turning the pages of your life…
Maybe that’s the beauty of life!

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