When the Heavens open up #writephoto

Participating in Sue‘s Photo Prompt after a long gap. Been quite a lot busy with stuff (no time to get creative). Well, the photo resonates with a poem that I composed back on 2nd of August in 2009 (God..this habit of putting dates on my write-ups is actually kind of cool)! The poem was composed following a particularly amazing monsoon trek. The rains, the fog, the climb…everything was just wonderful. Even today if I close my eyes, I get transported to that day. It was just perfect. Hope you guys enjoy it…
 When the Heavens open up..
Climbing up the narrow mountain lanes
Shivering slightly in the dashing rains
Away from the chaotic world we walked
Panting, but enthusiastically we talked
Trekking higher up the mountain side
We explored the secrets it had to hide
A cold wind lifted across the river
Showing a way, parting the cloud cover
We made our way through the thick forest
Stopping in between to catch some rest
On a distant horizon the thunder rumbled
Stepping on the slippery foliage we tumbled
Finally we reached the mountain peak
Numbed by the view, searching some words to speak
The rain had coloured everything in green
We drifted away as if in a dream
A perfect rainbow decorated the skies
And the sea was slashing on its sides
The fog magically lightened up
And that’s when the heavens opened up….
PS: Well, almost 10 years to this day (and this poem too). Sigh

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