Do you?

I always wanted a love as subtle and earnest like that of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. I found my Mr Darcy too…but not everyone gets a perfect ending. Lizzy and Darcy got their happily ever after but I, like Catherine and Heathcliff, have suffered endlessly to be with you.
My love for you has consumed me beyond measures. To the point that not being able to talk with you or see you is physically painful. But it’s OK, I think. Because choosing to love you is something that I will never regret. Even after knowing from the start that things will eventually have to end, I secretly hoped for an impossible dream. But you woke up to the reality – which I still sometime continue to blissfully ignore – and moved on (did you really?), leaving me alone in abyss where I can’t find you.
Thousands of times I pick up my mobile to start a conversation with you, but instead I just stare at the screen, lost for words. It makes me wonder whether I have gone mad. Because try as I may, I just cannot separate myself from you. I AM YOU! You are always, always in my mind.
I want to be in your mind too. I want you to want to meet me. I want you to miss me, to think of me. I want you to want to be me……Because I hope, want and need to meet you again someday and wish to fall in love with you, all over again!
But the question remains….Do you?

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