If Only I had wings #writephoto

This Photo prompt by Sue made me dig out my old dairy. The photo resonated with my second attempt at writing poems. The piece that I’m sharing today was composed back in 2008! That’s a decade ago..wow!

If Only I had wings…
Wish I had wings
I would dance to the song the breeze sings
and drift away to a far off land
where everything I wish is in my hand
A place where dreams come true
as cheerful and pleasant as colours in a hue
A place where there is no one to offend
and all the time in the world is on my end
I want to fly high
and the watch the rivers flow by
I want to explore the forest
and do nothing but rest
I wish to wake up the sun
and blend with the raindrops that run
splashing the world with colours anew
A place where there is laughter in colourful dew
I would make true
all the above things
If only I had wings….
-Ashwini Nawathe

The poem certainly has a lot of dreams and aspirations of my 17 year old self. I hope that I have lived up to myself…hope that I have sprouted my wings <3

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