मै शायर तो नाही #2

Poetry is an escape. You may or need not be a poet per say but some unsaid words and unexpressed emotions can make you one. You can easily unshed your feelings in words than in tears. Most importantly, it’s easier to disown your pain when you hide behind fancy words. Your feelings are masked better in similes and metaphors.
We all try to find easy escapes and sometimes “it’s only words and words are all we have to take our pain away”….(I love this song by the way and sorry for changing the lyrics to suit the flow of my write-up)
Anyway, whether in love or not, I have composed a few heart wrenching poems. This one’s in hindi. It speaks of defiance in face of utter hopelessness.

ये साथ हमारा शिशे कि तरह टुटेगा
बिखरे हुए सपने लेकरं
मन कल के पीछे भागेगा
खुदा के ये फैसेले से
दिल हमारा रुठेगा
पर ना जाणे ये खुदा भी
के जो नाता वो ना जोड पाया
वो नाता ये रुह हमेशा निभायेगा

अश्विनी नवाथे

Well, have you ever tried to hide behind words?

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  1. Beautiful poem written!! Deep meaning!! Nothing is still in world !! But at the end how we purify our soul that matters!! Every single line is so true about life !! Connection with God can be made when trust on what he is doing but without expecting and moving ahead in life !!
    I am love with this poem

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