मैं शायर तो नहीं

People who know me know that my Hindi is comical (definitely not a thing to be proud and I’m not). While speaking I forget half of the words and for the other half I end up using Marathi substitutes 😛 So it generally is a task for the other person to decipher what I mean to say.
But in my defence, this happens only when I’m super excited to just blurt out my story. On other rarer occasions when I have time and patience to weigh my words more carefully I come up with fairly good Hindi.
So much to people’s surprise (mine included), I have composed a few Hindi shayaris too!
मैं शायर तो नहीं, मगर ऐ हसीं जब से देखा मैंने तुझको, मुझको शायरी आ गयी….aisa kuch nahi hua hai. I’m not in love or heartbroken or under any spell 😛 So anyway, here’s my dose of Hindi Shayari:

मंजील ना कभी थी एक हमारी

तो हमराह आखीर बनेही क्यू

रास्त ना कभी छुटा हमसे

तो गुमराह एसे हुए हि क्यू

दिल ये सोचें आज

के ये दिल तुझपे आया हि क्यू

जो मंजील कभी हमारी थी हि नही

उस राहपे आखीर ये दिल चलपडा हि क्यू….

Do share your response! 🙂

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  1. Hi Ashwini. Khoopas chaan ahe tujhi kavita. Mala Khoop avadhali. I am new to blogging but being a poet (someone who writes poems and people appreciate it. so am taking the liberty to call myself a poet :)) My peoms so far have been published on face book. looking forward to publish some here
    Just started blogging here. please do visit hemassphere.wordpress.com. something that I wanted to write on. One of the series I got to publish today. Please follow if you like my work and would appreciate any feedback/comments you would like to make.

          1. Kashi ahes Ashwini?
            HemasSphere published it’s 2nd post today. 2nd of the series. Read it to know more.
            Speak, don’t just talk!
            You will be able to connect to my 1st post too.
            Would be honoured by your visit and presence on my page and would be appreciate your views.
            I can be followed on
            @hemassphere -Twitter
            Happy reading.

  2. मंजिलो की राह पर चलना है ये तो एक तनहा सफर होगा …पर अपने दिल से बढ़कर किसी और को चाहना ये सिखने के लिए शायद आपकी मंजिल न होकर भी वहाँ तक का सफर आपको नसीब हुआ होगा..नाजाने कैसी साजिशें रची है ज़िन्दगी ये सफर का वक्त ही आपको आगे काम आजाये…
    Just little more extension to your .. creation …hope that you will don’t mind

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