"Its all relative"


Adulting is one of the stupidest thing that all of us are stuck doing! Every one complains about it, every one wants to run away from it, every one thinks it’s a hell of thing yet still…here we all are Adulting!
Why God WHYYYY……?!?!?!

When and how did life get so complicated? The day we get our Graduation hats and scrolls we are suddenly thrown out in the real world and have to act like “adults”!
You are supposed to have made sense of your life, have a full planned career ahead of you, get a job, take care of some family responsibilities, give advices to younger people, get married. It’s all too very over whelming.
Because even if you are expected to be doing all these things, you are just as clueless about your life as you had been earlier. Now that your college has ended, here welcome to the “real world”  Ta Da….a world that you have for so long just heard about.
And what do you find out here? Behold the greatest and the ultimate truth: Real Life Sucks! Period.
That’s it…that’s just IT! It sucks.
It is scary with all the realities of the world where literally no one knows what’s going on. So every one is stuck doing and saying things because that’s what is expected! Like for example getting up in the morning and going to work or cook or clean your house or pay bills or go grocery shopping (and stop yourself from buying chips, chocolates and all that lucrative junk food!). Who wants to do that…I don’t!
In the course of mundane human events we end up doing absolutely dumb things. We end up giving unnecessary importance to people who are as useless as the “ueue” in the “Queue”!
Ufff it’s just too much. So….
So yeah that’s it…Bubye adulthood!

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Hi, I'm a nature lover, a trekker and an ardent reader from Mumbai, India. After playing Lawyer for a time, I shifted to my passion and love – History! A 9 to 6 job as a Senior Executive: Research, Content Writer and Editor helps me earn by bread and butter which is ultimately spent on travel and food :)


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