Celebrating the 69th Indian Republic Day

India will be celebrating its 69th Republic Day tomorrow! So here’s a little something that I have written for my office website. Source: Celebrating the 69th Indian Republic Day
I literally have 2 half-written blogs in my Drafts and another one that is slumbering on my laptop :/ I need to get writing!! Where can I find the will to do that?
Do read the Republic day blog and give your feedback!

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0 thoughts on “Celebrating the 69th Indian Republic Day

  1. Nice post Ashwini…..yes it’s a big day for us here in India and for Indians the world over…..well written…….and about your writing schedule, I am still waiting and counting my stars when will your Guest post will appear on my blog 🙂

    1. Oh dear…Anindya that’s the one dozing off on my laptop. I want it to be nice and really mean something and not be just a random post. I hope to get it done by feb…Pakka promise 😛

  2. Ashwini, my wife & I are planning to be in Indian this timr next year… God willing. For India’s 70th birthay (post liberation from English Colonialism).
    So we may see you there celebrating? ~ David

    1. Hey David, hope you get to visit India next year.
      The official governmental celebrations happen in New Delhi (capital city) and I stay in Mumbai. If you are attending the celebrations at Delhi we would not be able to meet…but if you are in Mumbai (there are celebrations here too, though not on that a large scale) Sure why not!
      Let me know of your plans! 🙂

  3. Thanks Ashwini. I know that we’ll be in New Delhi. on January 21 seeing off some travelling companion heading back to Australia, after trekking down together from Nepal.We’ll be staying on to see more of India. I was hoping for advice on where best to partake inthe celebrations ?

  4. Australia is a sovereign state, but for the convienience of not having to select and pay for our own head of state, we symbolically borrow the English Queen as our heas of state. Cheaper and very convie

    1. Lolz… seems very convenient! 😛 I guess your currencies too have her depicted on them so I got confused maybe.
      PS: I did some quick reading on Australian History (much nerd that I am) 🙂

  5. Ashwini, as long as you don’t get confused … Australia, not Austria, you’ll be O.K.
    And I Need To stop trying to type on my malfunctioning mobile phone, at night, in a thunder storm, during a blackout, under a landslide, with a broken fingernail, whilst watching ‘Game of Thrones’ ! ( I’m actually a Technophobe reluctantly learning to type )

      1. Not too sure Ashwini. The couple taking us know the region well since doing aid work in Nepal. A bit of a mystery tour. We are staying on to relax 4 a while incase they have us trekking up & down the Himalayas !

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