Monday Musings: Where did my French go??

J’ai oublié français !!
So people who know me know that I teach French to high school students (std 8 – std 12). But I guess that I have been at it for so long that I have forgotten the French I had studied.
Peux-je apprendre la langue ? Oui absolument !
Mais do I get to use it at its full potentials? Non!!
I think I have forgotten the finer details of french grammar and vocabulary. I have been sticking to the basics for so long that when I found a French Poem – composed my me – I literally had to read it twice!
Quelle surprise ! I knew the language in such details once that I composed a poem in it!! O la la…c’est merveilleux n’est-ce pas ?? Here read it for yourself.
Leur amour est
comme la chaleur du soleil en hiver
comme la douce brise dans les feuilles
comme la pluie sur la terre sèche
comme les étoiles par une nuit
l’amour ne suffit pas
pour c’est caché dans leur cœurs
inconnu à tout
inconnu peut être pour toujours…

Where did my french go then??
It has to be rusting away and gathering dust tucked somewhere in my brain! I think it’s high time I start studying it again. Maybe I’ll be able to come up with something more creative and interesting, a poem or better still a full-fledged story.
Time to start…tut tut! Au revoir mes amis, à bientôt!

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