Monday Musings: Time an illusion or reality?

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  1. I had heard a lot about relativity and so I decided to read Einstein’s work, I had started reading but the ‘time ‘ just run so fast while I read it that I leave it without reading much. and that’s why it’s taking much longer than it should.

  2. hmmm, you made me watch Interstellar by Nolan, through your post. He has scientifically explained a complex feature of the thing called ‘time’. I was lost trying to connect the dots in the movie.
    Btw, a pink watch, flower. If the cup were pink, it would have been a complete combination to go with in the pic. the tea looks interesting, am sure it would have lifted up the spirits on a Monday morning

    1. Yes, Interstellar was amazing. I watched it twice. The 2nd time happened after my Religion and Philosophy class wherein we discussed time, space and everything, comparing it with the movie. So when I saw it again…it just struck through on a different level.
      And yeah a pink cup could have perfected the picture, but imperfections make it interesting 🙂 It surely made my Monday!

  3. I am not a scientist.I want to tell you that Time is neither an illusion nor reality.Time and Space are like a basic software to make the mind run. Actually Mind in itself is a myth like Space and Time.They all work when given power that is our consciousness (divinity within us and around as well). In India what Rishis (Seers) invented is to go beyond Space and Time-Called “Samadhi”.Only way to experience the Reality as it is Thank you

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