Through the Window Pane #writephoto

Such a beautiful Photo Prompt posted by Sue Vincent. Here’s what it inspired me to write: a slightly vintage poem!

Through the window Pane…
How pretty her world looked
Picture perfect and rosy
Tucked within the lavish curtains
Her life all beautiful and cosy
On cold wintry mornings
And on hot sunny noons
He wished to trade places
And be born with silver spoons
Oh, how he envied her
For from where he stood
Her life seemed easy
Filled with dreams all good
But little did he know
Being a prisoner of fate
She too cursed her life
Confined within those rosy gates
Weighed down by the
Liabilities of her โ€˜classโ€™
She secretly wished to play freely
Like that gangly lass
Looking through that rosy window pane
Both, the princess and the pauper
Painted a wishful picture
All in hopeless vain…
PS: This also happens to be my first write-up for the new year! Yay! Happy New Year fellas…Wish you all the best in life! :*

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