For you Aaji…

Happy Two Years of Blogging to me!! 🙂 🙂
So wordpress reminded me yesterday that I have been blogging for 2 whole years now! I can’t believe how far I have come from the first blog that I posted. The journey has been amazing and there’s definitely an improvement in my writing style, my creative output and narration. I’m thankful to all my blogger friends and followers who have encouraged me with their likes, follows and comments. This journey would have been incomplete without your support.

To be frank, I never thought that I could have a creative side. I averaged throughout my schooling years and was just about good in college. I was never interested in studying and used to find excuses to escape any kind of reading or studying activities.
I remember I used to lock myself in the toilet everytime my dad hinted at he helping me to complete homework or solve maths problems (which would usually turn into a nightmare). I seriously have no idea how I managed to pass every maths test so far. My brain just stops working whenever I see numbers, even today!
I was good with social sciences and loved languages but somehow that never reflected in the test scores. Now I know that marks and tests are not the ultimate deciding factors of your life, but when everyone around is “grading” you based on that you kind of feel like a loser…
So obviously I was shocked when people loved my first attempt at composing a poem back in 2009! And believe it or not, but it was composed when I was trying to wail off my precious “study time”.
The person most impressed with my new found talent was my grandma. She was an excellent poet and her Marathi poems featured in many magazines and she regularly wrote for Hallmark’s Marathi greeting cards.
I still remember the day when she hugged me and cried after I read out my marathi poem to her. She was happy and wanted me to publish my poems. But been a bit of an introvert, I obviously said no and continued to deny her offers of getting my poems published.
But little did I know then that my time with her was limited and I would eventually get my poems published as a tribute to her :/
And since then I have never looked back…she wanted the world to read my words and that’s what I’m trying to do. Creating a world of my words…for her. All of this for her. I wish I had honoured her wish when she was alive. But better late than never…I know she would be proud now. 🙂
Thank you aaji for pushing me to find my wings and giving me the confidence to take a leap…
I love you and I miss you… May your soul find peace and comfort!

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  1. The bond that we share with a grandparent is something soo beautiful…that I can sum it up in mere words.They are some of those people who will make you the person you are meant to be.
    I’m sure that she’s really very proud of you!

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