Monday Musings

Falling in and out of love seems so very easy when it’s shown in the movies! But is it like that in real life? As easy as switching your emotions on and off. Does going on a solo trip or drinking a lot of alcohol or having flings help?

Well here’s yet another dose of my random scribbles and musings.

“Ok let’s do it Jab We Met syle. Flush his photo come on…”
“I don’t have his photo”
‎”ok… anything then. Something that he gifted you”

She wondered if there was a way to carve out the only thing he ever gifted her…Pain!

One day, maybe, moving on will get just as easy as flushing after you’re done….

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      1. That’s what make things terrible as my experience says !! Pretending means you are running from your situations!! Undoubtedly what you show to world is different due to many reasons but internally have to work hard on solving things and move ahead before more complications arises !!

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