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A 20 minutes ride from Mulund, Mumbai to Viviana mall in Thane without a working horn made me realise that horns are not necessary at all. You can very well manoeuvre your way through the traffic comfortably WITHOUT HONKING!
But then why do we have this absolute necessity to honk?
You blaring the horn will not make the vehicles in front of you to disappear into the thin air, neither will it make a royal pathway for you, nor will it sprout wings on your vehicle to enable to you to fly across. But we still love to Honk. Isn’t it?
Maybe honking makes us feel powerful. Maybe it gives us a false satisfaction of doing our bit in causing a din. Hello…I tried to move the traffic!
Really how stupid the traffic police must be for trying to control the traffic by directing it lane wise. They should rather just honk. Because we surely believe honking to be the ultimate way to move the traffic. Huh…how ignorant of them!
The apes who have climbed higher up the evolution consider the rest of us to be monkeys on 2-3-4 (etc in the multiples of 2) wheels. Each thinks that the other can’t drive. And hence the need to honk and give driving lessons through the closed windows.
Exactly how will blaring horns help in moving the traffic is a mystery to me. And I do confess, if the horn on my vehicle was working I would have had my fair share of honking too. Because I did find myself desperately trying to honk at times but with no use what so ever. But I did get back home without any accidents or any sort of problems. It was not like the brakes were not working. It’s just a horn!!
Probably the need to cause a din is so deeply imbued in us that no amount of evolution will make us forget our “ape-ly” instincts. Or maybe the words ‘horn-ok-please’ written so decoratively on trucks are very tempting to just ignore.
Whatever the reason..we love to honk: to move the traffic, to get someone’s attention across the street, to shake awake a sleepy pedestrian walking as if he owns the road, to get the random animals out of your way etc. We will honk always and forever. Because that’s what monkeys do…cause a random din!
So if you disagree to be called a monkey, next time on the road..please try “Horn-NOT Ok-please”.
Thank you.

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15 thoughts on “Horn-Ok-Please

  1. A beautiful post. I hate when some one behind horns as if one is on the road by choice. Horn is become a birth right. Sometimes feel it shud b banned away.

  2. Yes Ashwini, in a country like ours, this is a big and menacing problem with the number of cars on the roads increasing by the day……a sense of discipline must prevail among all drivers to maintain sanctity of not honking without any reason.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. This gets my goat too, every time. As if blaring a honk from behind will make the vehicle in front of it, to grow a pair of wings and fly away! We’re callous as a collective nation and wouldn’t play by the rule unless heavily fined/get our ears boxed by some entity more powerful.

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