Les Voisins!

via Daily Prompt: Neighbors
Neighbours, are the most popular subjects in our Indian society. Woh bajuwale ‘Sharma aunty’ ki beta and beti are the kids each parent talks about. Those kids, to top it off, are good at everything and we have to somehow live up to their standards. And that ‘Sharma aunty’ too is forever interested in our lives, “Marks kitna mila?”, “shadi kab karni he?” and everything.

If you ask me she could be an excellent gossip columnist, if societies had a daily. Our entire social structure rests on the existence of the neighbours! Absolutely all kinds of emergency situations can be handled by calling in on our neighbours.
Just for your information, my next door Neighbors are not the nagging type. In fact we have great fun each time we bump into each other. And mind you we do run in at the most unique of times. Like while throwing out the garbage, then we stand chatting for hours with the dustbin in our hands.
There’s a lot of give and take that keeps happening between us. I’m sure you all must also have similar relationships with your neighbours! We do depend on each other for some randomise of things! I think you will relate to most of it  😛

  1. Emergency Supermarket: When you confidently make last minute plans to prepare Aloo Chat (spicy potato patties) and realise that you have no Aloos (potatoes)! Sugar, tea, a spoonful of curd, dhaniya etc etc.. Duh! Why go to the supermarket when you can get an emergency supply of chillies from your neighbour at anytime!!!  😛
  2. Toilet: Now this may sound very weird but sometimes when your toilet is occupied, you need to use your neighbour’s! Desperate times Desperate measures! You just can’t hold it in! You need to go when you need to go! That’s it!
  3. Clothes: When you are of the same age and roughly the same size you tend to do this. I clearly remember when my neighbour wanted to borrow my spare school uniform as her’s was in the laundry.
  4. Medical help: When you want to call up a doctor, or want some life-saving saridon, crocin, pudding hara, amrutanjan, shampoo, conditioner or whatever! We have even asked for a sanitary napkin at times!

5. Baby-sitting: Though there are no longer any “babies” in our families now, we tend to ask each other to watch-over our grandpas, plants, etc in our absence. We function as the CCTV when the other is out on a vacation.
To beat this “emergency grocery and medical store”, our neighbours are kind of our extended family. We hangout at each other’s place, get invited for special lunches and dinners, knock on each other’s door at odd hours at night and just enjoy the little things of our lives with them.
I don’t know how your “Sharmas” are, mine are more of a blessing…

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