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Chasing Suns and Shadows in Coorg!

Rolling hills, idyllic cottages, coffee plantations, chirping birds, homemade wines and most importantly absolutely no mobile network connectivity or television and telephones!! Coorg was a perfect getaway that we were looking for.
Just like last year, we packed our bags and headed to Karnataka for a 10 day tour. But this time we went further south and explored the land of the Hoysala Dynasty, of the coffee and spice estates and of the famous hill station, Coorg!

My besties and I shot off by Kokan Railway on 1st of October, travelling from Mumbai to Mulky on Mastyagandha Superfast Express. Getting down at Mulky the next morning, we met up with rest of the group, our tour attendants, and proceeded to Moodbidri.
Moodbidri, which literally means “bomboos of the east” (Moodu – East and Bidiru – Bamboo) is a small town named after the extensive bamboo plantations of the ancient times. Moodbidri is famous for housing the thousand pillared Saavira Kambada Basadi (Jain Temple), Annapurneshwari temple, and also Gomateshwara – the second highest statue of Bahubali. Known as the “Jaina Kashi of the South”, this town has a number of Jain basadis (temples). After touring in Moodbidri for two days, we left for Madikeri (headquarters of Kodagu district).

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Finally arriving in Kodagu (Coorg), we were greeted by scenic landscapes, light fog, drizzling rains and hot cups of coffee! The resort that we stayed in was just amazing. Situated at 6 Km from the Madikeri city, we were close enough to go for a quick shopping trip and far enough to be away from its hustle bustle.

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Our 5 days in district Coorg took us around Nisarga Dham(a bamboo garden), Talakaveri (the source of the river Kaveri), Bramhagiri, Bhagamandala, Dubari Nature Camp (elephant farm), Raja’s Seat, Omkareshwar Temple, and Abbey falls. Each morning we woke up to chirping of the birds and spent time photographing and identifying different birds and their calls while sipping hot coffee. Our evenings were free and on most of them I cuddled up in the porch reading books from the library downstairs.

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We headed to Hassan for the last leg of our journey. We stayed at an exquisite resort and on arrival we were welcomed with cold coffee, garlands, sandal paste, rose water dipped towels and a refreshing view of small idyllic cottages set around swimming pool amidst a thick cluster of trees! Travelling to the famous Bellur and Halebidu temples of the Hoysala Dynasty was the perfect way to end our tour. The resort and the temples were so mesmerising that I could have stayed on for more than our 2 days scheduled halt.
Each site that we visited has a rich culture and history. I plan on covering each of those in separate blogs. As cramming all the information would do no justice to the place and will be just too long to read. I have already written a few lines on the Laxmi Devi temple of Doddagaddavalli.
Stay tuned for the rest…

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