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All Layered Up!

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There are layers upon layers upon layers here…~ Dan Kennedy

Who thought dessert trekking in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan could be this freezing?!
In spite of being Layered, we ended up shivering to the spine! Here’s me (in red) with my friends soaking up the non-existent warmth of the sun. We clicked tons of pics but in most of them we resemble terrorists – identified only by our jacket’s colour! 😀

Fallen Orange and Red troops, Grey joining them soon. Image and Caption Courtesy: Deesha

Be it the freezing winters of Rajasthan or  hot and humid monsoons of the Deccan Plateau, layering up to combat against the weather seems to be the only option! 😛
layered 1
En route to Hampi, Karnataka.

There’s a certain magic in travelling far and away, it adds layers of unknown and unfamiliar places within your self!!

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