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Travel Theme: Steps

So, I just now found this new weekly photo challenge posted by Ailsa and this week’s theme is Steps!! Sharing with you a few clicks from my numerous travels.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step ~ Lao Tzu

and day by day, these steps grow up to make great civilisations.

Staircase to Heaven! (Kanheri, a group of rock-cut caves that were excavated over the period from 1st century BCE to the 10th century CE, Borivli,  Maharashtra)

Pushkarni, or Temple tanks are sacred wells attached to the temples. This is a famous Pushkarni, a stepwell,  from the Royal Enclosure of Vijayanagara (Hampi, Karnataka) which was built for the use of the members of the royal family.  The pushkaranis in Hampi are a part of the Vijaynagara Empire’s  town planning and architecture.
These steps lead from the Badami Cave complex (Bagalkot, Karnataka) into the Tipu’s fort. The origin of the fort dates back to 543 CE and was built by the Chalukyan King Pulakeshi. The fort was plundered and destroyed by the Pallavas in 642 CE. Much later, when Badami came under the rule of Tipu Sultan (around 18th century CE), the walls of the fort were rebuilt and several structures were added to the ancient fort complex.
Old ways may not open new doors, but it’s the old that guides you towards the new…
These ancient stairs are balanced perfectly with their modern counter parts. This image captures ‘the old and the new’ at Bhaja Group of Caves (22 rock-cut caves) in Pune, near Lonavala, which date back to the 2nd century BCE. The older ones are chiseled by hand while the new ones are constructed by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Little by little one travels far. ~ J.R.R Tolkien

and day by day as we travel far, we live great stories. Stories that are remembered and retold even after thousands of years….

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