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Today is World Lazy Day!! This day I can actually celebrate being my lazy-ass-me 😀  Yay! Had I known it before I left for work, I would have gladly gone back to sleep. But unfortunately, I came to work today. I’m working – much against my will- but yeah working!
So sitting in my cubicle I’m contemplating my existence as a 9 to 6 slave labour (yeah It’s 9 to 6 now not 9 to 5) , my needs for continuing this hurried life and just in general wishing that I was born during pre-historic times! Maybe then I could just eat, sleep and repeat 😀
While imagining my life as a cave woman, I drifted off to a trip to Alibaug with my school friends. In this poem here, I have tried to capture those rare moments of solitude!


Kicking off my shoes, down the beach I ran

Collecting as many shells as I can

Feeling the soft velvet sand under my bare feet

I watched the sun dip in the water where the ends meet

The waves smoothly lapping around me

Air filled with salty fragrance of the sea

The sky in various hues seems at its best

As the birds chirped in their nest

Such peaceful moments of solitude

are less in our lives so fast

Time ticks away and you hope

such moments will forever last

But the sea will be just as Shimmering and

the shells shining like a picture’s frame

The shore will be smooth and clean

for you to run down it’s length once again…

© 2017 Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life
All Rights Reserved

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  1. I don’t know if cavewomen had it all that easy, but I can relate to the desire to live with less complication. Beautiful poem. I hope you get a lazy day in this weekend. 😀

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