This is to all the friends I have had so far. Even the ones that I no longer talk with. Thank you for the part you played in my life. I don’t want to put up photos of my friends and flaunt about how they are my “life” and my “soul mates” and blah blah blah. Because that would just be a shallow exaggeration!
Of course, my friends are very dear to me and I do bank on them for hanging out and having fun, to help me out of a pickle or even to put up with my bullshit and knock some sense into me. But saying that I couldn’t manage to live a day without them would be a tad bit of a white lie. (There was a time when I believed that but then I grew up.)
To the friends I grew up with and then grew apart, thanks for all the childhood memories, I wish things were different between us, but sometimes life just happens and then it’s too late to go back and reconcile.
To the ones that I am trying to reconnect with, thank you for reaching out and holding up on your end of the bargain. It takes efforts from both of our sides to make up for all those lost years! But let’s be serious, we possibly may never go back to what we once were, but it’s worth all the effort, for old times sake!
To my school/ college/ classes friends, you guys made the boring long hours bearable. Now most of us have moved out of town and that makes it difficult for us to meet, but I know you guys are just a call away, I can always bank on you people :*  Thank you!
To the guy friends who stopped talking once they got a girlfriend, that’s just so lame people! We were really good friends, wish you guys would have made an effort. I wouldn’t have stolen you away! Seriously!! Anyway, thanks for being there when I needed you guys, for introducing me to all the “guy stuff” and making me less emotional and sensitive and also for putting up with all of my dramas and having none of your own!
For the new ones, thanks for making office, train travel and work bearable. We may not keep in touch once our schedule changes or when we shift jobs or cities, but you people make me want to get out of bed and face the adult life, every day!
To the ones who have stuck with me so far…Just Thank You! You guys know how much I love you people. We may not talk for days and months on end, but I know you guys will be there always, through all the thick and thin! :*
Friends come and friends go…but our life still goes on uninterrupted; with or without them. But these idiots do really make the entire journey worth while!
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    1. I know right?! Entire day my all of my social medias were full of people saying lovey dovey stuff about their friends. The absolutely “fake-ness” of all of that just struck me. Yes we all have great friends and they do form a vital part of our social lives but…Life is Life!

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