Nightmares #writephoto

“Who is it? Who’s there? John is it you?” Denise got up from the bed, wrapping a bed-sheet around her she slowly crept down the stairs. The house was quiet except for that nagging sound.
“John..honey?” On most of the nights she slept very soundly, but today even the softest of the breeze was waking her up. But this noise…like churning of old rusted iron blades, like a giant windmill…ccrrrr…cccrrrr ccrrr…It was driving her nuts!
What could it be? The ceiling fan in the kid’s bedroom was making a strange sound for the last few days but the kids were sleeping in the smaller bedroom tonight. Who had turned it on then? The slow rusty sound was making her skin crawl.
As she walked down the hallway, she tried to calm herself. Steve, her youngest, was not happy about having to sleep in a different bed. Maybe he came down to sleep here. There was no need to get angry on that poor little soul.
She could see the TV in the living room, John must have slept on the sofa with the TV on. She let her head rest on the door, steadying herself. She was sure Steve would not have came down alone, he would have dragged Jane with him too. Breathing deeply, she pushed open the door…
“AAA AAAAAAA NO…No..Oh god!! Johnn…Noooo”
“What happened. Danny.. are you alright? Danny What’s wrong?”, John shouted as he came running down the hallway.
“AAhh..the kids…John the kids…the fan….it fell…..blood everywhere…..the kids……John save them!! OUR KIDS JOHN!”
He looked in the darkroom and then down at his wife who lay withering in pain. His knees gave way and he too collapsed beside her…the pain too much to bear. Not tonight.
“Ssh…It’s ok..” He took her in his arms as he tried to pacify her, patting her back. “It’s ok..don’t worry!”
“No John…how can YOU not worry! Our kids John…The fell! Noo..Please..”
“Danny it’s okay. It was a dream…Shh..’
“Noo… I kids..blood…Where’s Stevie and Jane?” Denise got up and staggered into dark the room, looking around. “Stevie…Janey..sweeties where are you? Are you hurt?” She bent down to look under the bed.
“Danny…please don’t do this…please. It was just a dream”
“The kids John..where are they!” She shouted back, facing him, tears running down her wrinkled face.
Speechless he just stared at her. How was he to explain all this to her? How was he supposed to go through this again, as if that one time was not enough!
He had thought that the Alzheimer’s would have wiped clean the memories. Was he not relieved when she was diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease? Wasn’t he happy for finally, she would forget that fateful night?
But even after 40 years and after losing most of her memories, these dreams kept haunting her, keeping those painful events still alive. And every time she dreamt, she lived through the nightmare of finding their kids dead…all over again!

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