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Cookie Jars

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How normal is it to store bits of scrap!
I’m sure all of us have a box stashed away somewhere which is filled with some random-est of stuffs. Broken toys, birthday cards, first love letter, marbles, pens, bottle corks, key-chains, lose pearls and many of such seemingly useless things. They are like evidences of the life that is now lost to us; filled with bittersweet memories of our childhood, our first love, our first broken heart, of people with whom we are no longer in touch.
It’s our own little chest of treasures, stacked away with golden memories, until such a time in future when we will want to pursue those pleasures again.
Here’s such a cookie jar filled with a labyrinth of scars….


Cookie Jar

He rarely gave her a gift

Yet she stacked away

Some memories of their meet

A train ticket here, a shirt button there

A few stray letters

With words full of love and care

A lifetime worth of scrap you can say

But each associated with

A memory of that lovely day

As the years seemed to pass by as hours

The love that was meant to reach for the stars

Was now Hidden away in some random cookie jars…

  • Ashwini Nawathe

Do you have a treasure hidden away somewhere? I surely do and it’s filled with some very beautiful memories! 🙂
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