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I absolutely love writing on Photo Prompts which are posted by Sue Vincent. They challenge my imagination and are really fun to write about! Here’s a short story / flash fiction for you. Enjoy it guys! :*

His Part of Heaven

There was a time when the winters used to be his favourite time of the year. He along with his sister would walk through the fog to school. Their quaint small town on the rolling slopes of the lower Himalayas looked serene with the tall pine trees and the roof tops covered in soft snow.
They had fun chasing each other through the dense fog and running along the cold mountain springs; both too young to understand their ailing father’s pain. The twins had never known their mother who had died in child birth. Their father was all that they had.
Their nights were spent by the fireplace when their father would tell them stories of his youth, stories of the ghosts that dwelled deep in the forest, stories of the cruel witches who kidnapped small children if they misbehaved and those of the Fire Fairies who fulfilled every wish and helped children find their way back home.
Theirs was a happy family up until one day when the father too was mercilessly taken from them. For the convenience of the other family elders and for the twins’ “well being”, they were separated and taken to different cities by their uncles.
Mahesh never liked it in the city with its tall buildings, wide vegetation-less streets and absolutely no fireplaces! There were always more cars and people around than birds, animals and trees. The summers were too hot, monsoons had lost their beauty and the winters were no longer the same.
His sister had called yesterday and as always her call had made him homesick. He was well cared for here, but he missed the mountains, his sister, his father and all the wonderful times they spent together.
Now he had out-grown the age of believing in ghosts and fairies, but often he would stay awake in his bed hoping to chance upon a Fire Fairy who would guide him back to his home, to his part of heaven…

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