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“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.”    ~ Erich Segal

I happened to read this quote somewhere today. How true it is! Love just slowly washes over you; consuming every inch of your body and soul. You are not even sure how or when you fell for that stranger. You just did.

And even before you know it, you are rescheduling your days and planning lunches with him. Everything changes. You grow close and share things with him – things that you swore would not tell a soul, you share a few private jokes; coin new words whose meaning only you two can relate to. Life is suddenly very beautiful – like a scene out of a Bollywood movie.
Unknowingly, but as if it was pre-decided, your lives just fit around each other. Finding true love changes something inside you; it redefines your very existence.
Maybe that’s the reason it hurts so much when something goes wrong.
But what went wrong? You were happy!! Had you not seen a future together? Had you not made plans about so many mundane things? Was it not great when you picked out your baby’s name? So many beautiful years…so many beautiful memories!
Of all the wondrous moments you had together, how can you only think of the bad ones? Only remember those bad things that you both said to each other. SAID BUT NOT MEANT!
How could you let that ruin everything that you had? What will happen of the promises you made to each-other?  Don’t let something toxic like this sip poison in your beautiful life! Don’t let it ruin your love!
Of course you are still in love. That’s true love my friend: all of it, the sweet hurt, the painful pleasures, those fights and the retaliating anger, everything! Right down to the pangs of jealousy and separation.Don’t let it go, hold on to it!
Fight all you want, it’s healthy. But fight harder to stay together! Put your “I love you” on Loop. Say it often and mean it! That’s how true love is supposed to be. You fight but still hold on, cause you care and love with all your serene and intense emotions.
That’s love for you folks: inexplicable and beyond words but still very true!
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