And we Peed!

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The poem that I’m sharing today was composed by me way back in 2009! I just had discovered this new talent in me and this is my 6th piece of creative writing ever.
So…the inspiration behind this is an incident from a trek. You will give the gist of it as you read through.

It was time to leave
the enthusiasm was causing us to heave
like a flock of sheep we climbed the bus
filled with apprehension, making a lot of fuss
happily chattering the minutes ticked by
and finally it was time to say goodbye
we were going for a camp after a long gap
as we all like, to fall off the map
On the Airoli bridge we stopped
waiting for others to join us on the spot
we suddenly stopping laughing
turning restless of such waiting
the mood change was noticed by all
people started asking why we were sitting so tall
unable to express we looked at our peers
hoping to convey the sound of our unshed tears
just as always a look was enough to tell
what was causing all this hell
getting down the bus we walked a mile
seeing a dark bushy land made us smile
one by one we all were Relieved
watching the heavy traffic we PEED!

Not one of my best works, I know. And I would not have even published it anywhere! But when I read it today, it just cracked me up…So many beautiful memories (not of peeing but other).
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