Tune out…

via Daily Prompt: Volume
Switch off all the devices, turn that Volume down. Concentrate on your breathing, have a look around and see how many missed calls and unread messages you have from the universe!
There is so much of a truth in these lines. Constantly plugged into some device, we are losing out on many things. There is so much chatter around us that we have forgotten to listen to ourselves or the universe.
Try to tune out a bit. It’s good to be surrounded by silence. It feeds your soul and comforts your mind.
I had previously written an article on similar lines ~ ERROR 404: SOUL NOT FOUND. Do read it and share your thoughts.
May you find strength and beauty in silence and hope it helps you to fill up the volumes of your life!

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  1. Amazing, I agree in this fast pace world, some time to turn out everything is needed, that is the time you get to enjoy nature and everything around you

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