Just a little "Umph"

via Daily Prompt: Triumph

The only difference between ‘Try’ and Triumph is a little “umph” ~ Marvin Philips

Just a little more of ‘UMPH’ that’s all I need! For some time now I have been struggling to shed those extra pounds that I had gained during the years that I was depressed. (I stress eat, A LOT!).
And lazy as I am, I always find excellent excuses for evading my workouts. But I hope to triumph over those 3-4 Kgs of extra weight soon.
May the force be with me!

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8 thoughts on “Just a little "Umph"

  1. Wow.. the umph… Haha loving the way that you portray your ideas in your post, and the quote that you have chosen is packed with significance. Love the perspectives that you have there. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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