Playing "House"

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Siblings and cousins are the first friends that we have! I’m sure all of us would have crazy stories about all the times that we spent with them. I have a list of stupid things that we did and still do! Every vacation I used to look forward to meeting up with my cousins cause it meant that my sister and I could do a lot things which were a strict no-no during the school days.

We could stay up late, play well past 7:30 pm, sleep in the afternoons, have no compulsions on having to bathe everyday, watch horror movies and have unlimited ice-creams (that was the best part)! When together, we used to be a nightmare. I still don’t get how our parents managed to keep us civilized because even today we are unmanageable!
Most of the times – when we were not playing cards or some board games – we used to make up an Imaginary story and play it out! Our stories had an assortment of all the book characters from J K Rowling’s Golden Trio to Enid Blyton’s kids from Famous Five, Secret Seven and Five Findouters and the Dog and Shaktiman too! We loved to do that “Andera kayam Rahega” along with “Sorry Shaktiman” and everything. For hours we would be happily lost in our made-up worlds fighting off monsters while we traveled in imaginary cars or solved mysteries with Nancy Drew and James Bond (we even played the music from the Bond movies).
Now when we meet during holidays we still play cards and board games and have a good laugh thinking about our stories and LARPs (we did that even before it was legit).
We have found a new game now. When and if we meet up in some shopping mall we go to a Home Decor shop and have fun picking out curtains, beds, wardrobes, sofa sets, modular kitchen sets and etc for our “imaginary” house!
Well at least we girls have fun picking out furniture, our brothers just tag along criticizing everything and suggesting some of the tackiest and most flashy things! Now if you see, considering our ages, it’s the stupidest thing to do but we have fun.
Judge us all you want but I have amazing time every time we meet. Cheers to my crazy cousins! Love you all!

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  1. Superb superb superb… U reminded me of my cousins before life divided us…. Thank you for giving me my memories back of a life gone past…

  2. Lol..Ash I remember every single moment which we all spent together…. imaginary horror stories were the best part 🙂
    Miss u all.. Lavkarach bhetu 😀

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