Monsoon Greys

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Each morning I’m greeted by the lovely sight of grey monsoon skies. These huge water balloons float in every day waiting to Detonate! And I’m literally dying to hear the familiar plitter-platter.

I enjoy the summers a lot but as soon as these monsoon clouds come rolling by, I get extremely bored of the heat and the humidity (It gets excessively sweaty this time round). The rains have hit Kerela so it will pour in Mumbai too now.
The city has had its first showers in mid-May and it has drizzled a bit in last 2 days too. But unfortunately, I was out – on both the occasions – and haven’t been able to enjoy them.
I just love this season. Everything seems to be infused with new life and freshness. And people who have been following my posts would now know that this season inspires me like nothing else. It’s beautiful, romantic and drowsy yet lively! (Read my other write-ups on Monsoons in Mumbai).
Plus the arrival of rains also means a lot of trips, treks, unplanned leaves from office (trains problems) and many plates of garam garam kanda bhajis and chai.
I’m waiting for these babies to brust!

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