Fate has no Reprieve

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“Necessity is harsh, Fate has no Reprieve” – Euripides
This month has just proved this quote to be true. Truly fate has no reprieve. Life is so uncertain you actually don’t know what’s in store for you. Are we going to be alive the next morning to turn off the alarm that we have set? Which moment, which action is going to definitely seal our inevitable death? When will we breathe our last! We don’t know anything. Nothing is certain.

This month has taken away from me 3 of my people. None a close relative yet I had close ties with all three of them.
One a husband of my mom’s best-friend. One a watchman / security guard of our Housing society and today, my cousin’s grandfather. All expired within just a few days of each other. As I said, not one of the three is my close relative or direct kin, but with each I have special memories. Each death a shocking surprise.
We had planned an entire summer trip with my mom’s friend but they cancelled and we went on. Uncle X (don’t want to reveal identities) had a minor stomach ache . He was just cured of cancer and was on his way to full recovery. On the last day of the trip mom’s cell rings. Did we expect to hear such a news? No.
We return and two days later, while returning from work, my dad calls saying that he is going to the hospital because our security guard has been admitted. Within a week after that he passes away from a concussion and brain hemorrhage. He was hit by a car while opening the gates to let the car in. That day was his weekly off. He was just stopping by to collect his pay check. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Did we expect that a man who has been there in our society for so many long years and who has witnessed and played with at least 2 generations of our society would pass away from a seemingly minor accident? No.
Today again, just a day after our watchman expires, we get yet another call. My cousin’s grandfather expired. Old age can be tricky. One day you are up and about and the next….Did we think that he will leave us so suddenly? No.
I just have my solace in knowing that I had met each one of them before destiny suddenly decided to remove the plug. Since morning I have been thinking and thinking. Life is really a very risky business. It’s like we are all walking with a sword hanging on our heads. Anything can happen anytime!
Life’s exactly like what Victor Hugo said “We are all under a sentence of death, but with a sort of indefinite Reprieve!”

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