Survival Kit 101

For me, Music works for every kind of shit. Whether it is a particularly rough day at work or a stupid baseless fight with my sister, anything can be washed away with good music. I need music to Survive!
“One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley

True, you can just flow with the beats and get lost in the rhythm and beauty of it. Music fills my soul with such an intense feeling of satisfaction and content that I feel that if there’s Moksha (salvation) for me, it will be in music and dance!
Being trained in Kathak (one of the 7 classical dances of India), my love for music goes beyond just listening to songs! As I said it fills me up and then the dance and the steps just flow after that. It’s my perfect resort. Even after a long tiresome day, dance can rejuvenate me that like nothing else. Sometimes I do not have to actually physically dance too! It may seem weird, but just listening to a song and mentally tracing the dance steps can help. It’s all in the music and your ability to feel one with it. Music is like a therapy.
Amongst all the genres of music that I listen to, I love semi-classical and classical music (Songs that I can dance to) along with some soulful, slow romantic songs from Bollywood movies. I must say that I have a bit ‘old school’ taste in music.
Well…I do have a lot of favourite songs and I could ramble off on how much I love to dance and listen to music (especially when it rains!). But today I’m sharing one song which I have grown to love after crazily following Supernatural!
I’m sure all the Supernatural fans will have guessed the song. Yes…it’s Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas! It is my ultimate “Go-on-survive!” song.

You won’t believe me but I accidentally came across this series. One afternoon after school I switched on the TV to watch the Finale of Masterchef Australia and instead this show came on and I was blown by it!
Enjoy the song fellas! And remember to carry on no matter what, coz that’s the only way to survive!
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