A Lullaby

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It’s that time of the year again! Mangoes, jack-fruits, plums, ice lollies and lazy afternoons welcome me in my sweet little village. This time around I plan to spend as much of my time sitting in the mango grooves by the river and in the temples tucked in the hills far away.

I never get tired of visiting my mama’s house (maternal uncle). The calming stillness of the sedentary life of the village is always welcoming when you live in a fast paced, maddening city like Mumbai. And as always, this beautiful house and the landscape around has inspired me. Here’s a peek into the serene and quiet life of konkan (coastal Maharashtra)!
A Lullaby
The sun travels across the skies very slow
Finally the moon Descends spreading its silvery glow
Twisting and turning the rivers flow
Chasing the bouncy winds that blow
The winds drop down to a gentle whisper
Making the cool fresh air even more crisper
Fog on the river drifts away
Reflecting the moon happy and gay
Queer silence hangs untampered
Nothing is heard then, just the trees whisper
Quietly a sweet lullaby the night sings
Until the far away temple bell rings…..
© Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life
All Rights Reserved

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  1. Enjoy your time in your Mama’s place. It’s very hard to find such small villages at more, with the hustle and bustle of life.

  2. This is the first thing I read today and your beautiful words are such a great start to my busy Saturday! This sounds such a peaceful place with a much slower pace of life.

  3. Lovely nostalgic feel here Ashwini; that drips in the lullaby and your opening paragraphs too.
    Mind you I saw the prompt word and was instantly back in my world of fantasy horror thinking “Oooh, I like that one!” lol
    It does end enticingly too
    Until the far away temple bell rings…..
    For what? a wedding, a ritual, a sacrifice, a service?
    Ok I have it as a haunting elegy of the past now… a place or memory stilled by the passage of time and a lullaby.
    Great post 🙂

    1. Hey Gary, Thanks! My time in the village is something that I look forward to every year…
      N haha.. I get your haunting insights too with night n temple bells. But generally bells are associated with something auspicious and it’s the beating of drums that signify sacrifices or something like that.
      N extremely sorry for replying after an entire year!! (In my defense, I just now saw your comment).
      Keep visiting dear and Happy blogging to you! :*

      1. No worries! This year for me has gone past way quicker than I’d like. I’m miles behind!
        Beating of drums had instant association with Jumanji there too!! It’s interesting to find different meanings or slight shifts in different cultures too. Not to mention layered in the history of them too. As a fiction writer these things are fantastic research tools 😊

        1. Totally agree with you… this year is passing by too fast!!
          Jumanji!! Such an epic movie it is…just wow!!
          N yes every small thing has such a complex history and significance to it. All of these are definitely very interesting research topics. N obviously are a food for thought in fiction writing.

          1. What did you make of the new one? As entertainment I rather liked it. Not sure if it’s better than the original mind, but Jack Black is someone who cracks me up! As for this year…. I feel blinking loses about a week at the moment.
            Topics for fiction are actually everywhere once you start seeing. I would have said looking, but it’s not quite the same….if you see what I mean 😂

            1. The new Jumanji is good (not well received in India). The concept was good n Jack Black killed it! Amazing acting…absolutely hilarious. But I like the old Jumanji more. There was one similar movie “Zathura” it’s good too. Watch that if you haven’t earlier.
              Yups, I “see” what you mean. Looking and seeing just as same as hearing and listening 😛 😀

              1. Always difficult to follow up on a novel movie concept that was really good first time round. They also had to bring it to a new audience with console game appreciation. The idea was good, but a few bits I thought could have been implemented better. Jack Black just makes anything enjoyable though. And, to be fair, as a movie it was entertaining.

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