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As I came home today, my mom handed me a postcard that was addressed to me. It seemed very odd that someone had mailed me and not just sent an email. Very curious, I dismissed my original plans of sleeping (I’m very lazy you see 😜), and instead sat down to read it right away. It was sent from Bhutan by a friend who was visiting the country!

It had been a long time since I had written or received a postcard or a letter. In fact, I have never actually posted anything. We had had a telephone for as long as I can remember.
But I vividly recollect attempting to write a letter to my friend which I never got around to post. I was so excited about getting all the punctuations right and to get the fast streaming thoughts all sorted out and penned down in the right order that in the end the paper was much torn in places (because I had erased too enthusiastically).
You see, letter writing is truly an art. To pen down your thoughts and expressions, touching upon every topic you want to talk about and unfolding them in a systematic way is not an easy job! And mind you, you have to keep a legible hand all through. Plus to do all this without the sweet blessings of “Backspace”, “Delete” or “Cut, Copy, or Paste”!
You have to get it right in the first go. Now, of course, you can always rewrite on a different paper, but let’s be serious we won’t take those extra efforts.
And that’s what I think is the problem with our generation! We won’t take the slightest bit of effort or we don’t feel the need to be right. We always have too many chances to get things done. We can always edit!
In fact, we edit so much that everything about us becomes unrecognizable, becomes that what’s “trending”. We change our minds too soon and we judge too soon!
Today sadly, most of our interactions are via social media only. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a blessing and we can keep in touch with so many people! But I think somewhere in all this, we are losing our personal touch. I think we are using our social media a tad bit liberally, posting our personal life all over it for everyone to see (we have so many randomly added “friends”)! We are more interested in Facebook chat, messenger, WhatsApp etc. than a face to face chat with a friend.
That postcard made me want to go back to the old days. The days my grandfather so fondly talks about. I want to make an extra effort, I want to walk that extra mile and meet someone than just talking with them on WhatsApp. I want to have a peaceful dinner and not fuss about uploading a photo here or there.
I want to go back to the old days when things were much simpler and people more genuine. To a time where not being able to converse in English was not looked down upon, when a passing comment didn’t flare up into a controversial issue when people had a sense of social responsibility and were more accommodating (however, we are definitely more receptive of certain issues today).
We have become so individualistic yet we lack our own company. There is so much chatter around us that we have forgotten to listen to our self. I think we are scared of being left alone with our own selves, with our thoughts.
Constantly plugged into some device or the other, we are losing our creativity and innovative imagination. We are in touch with people yet are so removed from society. We have become so self-centered that we have stopped thinking about the consequences of our actions and words. We are living a life of constant paradoxes!
It’s like we are standing on a Precipice of getting lost in this robotic world. Our lives being constantly moulded into all things that are cool and trending. I think it’s time to do some soul searching, look in before it’s too late. Before we get an “OOPS ERROR 404: SOUL NOT FOUND” message from our bodies!
I have decided to spend some time with myself and do stuff that I truly love, be more comfortable with the real me. Thin fat, beautiful shabby, whatever, however, just me! No editing!

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14 thoughts on “ERROR 404: Soul Not Found

  1. I’m not sure if people were more genuine “back in the day,” as many of my FB friends (family members) really show their true colors online, but I agree with you that creativity and thoughtfulness have declined. It’s easy to fly off the handle and type a few words in a comment section but to sit down and write (by hand or by keyboard) something personable and thoughtful takes effort. It’s like we’ve grown to be resistant against changing our own minds or formulating a new opinion by looking inward and reflecting on our feelings and reactions – which rockets us towards that ERROR.

    1. Yes, absolutely. It’s a good thing that there are people like you and me who actually understand this and connect with our feelings. Most importantly we try to translate them into words, which in my opinion is not an easy job. So…Kudos to us for trying to keep up with the outside world while falling back into the comforts of the days bygone… 🙂

  2. You touch on an idea my friend Erin from Unbound Roots wrote about. Communities, the face to face version, are on the decline worldwide. What we do about it though is something we’ll all need to brainstorm on. Small actions will matter. Maybe it’s as simple as sending a post card a week to a friend? Or inviting neighbors over for dinner? Just because we can’t fix everything doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do something! Thanks for the post.

    1. Yes I know. I somehow never wrote any letters except for the ones in the English paper 😛 But my friend has taken up a new year project where she writes postcards and letters to people every month! It’s something really cool… Snail mail project. I want to do that too but it requires a great deal of dedication and persistence. Right now I don’t think I can do it.

          1. hmm, good idea. However, people are so scared in giving out their addresses, lest they think I’m out to loot them at night time. People don’t hesitate to give out phone numbers – but addresses – NO – :p

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